Creative craftsman with a classic touch

Mauro Bandinelli began his formation in the Goldworking section of the ‘Istituto D’Arte’ at Porto Romana in Florence. Here he learnt to love the Florentine Renaissance period.

His feelings are so akin to those of the artists and artisans of that time that he gets inspiration from their taste for beauty and harmony, all of which are the characteristic marks of his style.

He completed his apprenticeship in several artisan workshops, then in 1988 he opened his own atelier in Strada in Chianti. From then on his hands have breathed life into authentic and elegant creations. A glance is enough to recognize his unmistakable classic touch.

Traditional manufacturing, between art and craftmanship

The traditional methods used by the craftsman himself extend from the chisel technique, used for bas-relief with precious metals, to the classic work from a rough metal sheet. The rings, brooches, earrings, bracelets and a whole range of items with precious stones and metals are designed and handmade with infinite patience.

Every creation is steeped in delicate delight and intensive construction, in abstract dreams and concrete hope. Each handmade jewel is a piece of his heart; a moment of inspiration and an echo of ancient traditions.

Phone: +39 055 8588724, Via Giuseppe Mazzini 3/A, Strada in Chianti, Italy