the coin of Florence

The Florin

The Florin is the gold coin minted in Florence in 1252. Master Goldsmith Mauro Bandinelli’s Florin is an artisan lucky charm, a precious amulet perfect for gifting at graduations, weddings or any special occasion. As well as the Florin coin, the Master Goldsmith also inserts it into jewelry items.

How the Florin is born

It’s an old Florentine tradition to gift a golden Florin
come segno di fortuna e felicità con l’augurio:
with the wish for: “a Florin today for a thousand Florins tomorrow.”

The Florin in Florence History

Thanks to the growing power of the banks in the city of Florence, the Florin became the European trading coin par excellence from the 13th century right up until the Renaissance. The name is derived from the Lily flower which can be seen on the coin, one side depicts the Lily, a symbol of Florence, and on the other face is an icon of St. John the Baptist, the city’s patron and protector.

The Florin represents the pact which the Florentines gave to the saint to keep the purity of the gold coin at 24 carats and a weight of 3,54 grams. As they used to say in Florence, "San Giovanni non vuole inganni": famous is the story of the forger Gianni Schicchi de' Cavalcanti told by Dante in the XXX canto of the Inferno; once discovered, he was burned in his castle.

“Yonder is Romena, there where I forged the Baptist’s seal; for whom I left my burnt body at the stake.”
(Divina Commedia, Inferno, canto XXX)

The most requested Florins

Pendant with small Florin in gold"Virgilio"

Pendant with small Florin in gold "Virgilio"


Pendant with small Florin in silver "Virgilio"

Pendant with small Florin in silver "Virgilio"


Pendant with small florin in yellow gold surrounded by diamonds"Gemma"

FIO-P-GO Pendant with small florin in yellow gold surrounded by diamonds "Gemma"


Pendant with golden Florin "Dante"

Pendant with golden Florin "Dante"


white gold Necklace Isabella

Pendant with silver Florin "Dante"


White and rose gold ring Buontalenti with diamonds, hand-engraved

"Caterina" earrings with small golden Florin


Earrings with small gold Fiorino "Francesca"

Francesca" small gold earrings with Florin