Everything begins with the search for distinctive and unique gems, these are the inspiration. Just by looking at them the creative instinct begins, quickly followed by a sketch. The hand spins and twirls tirelessly over the paper as the idea unfurls. It’s a natural talent, a dynamic process. Within an instant a new jewel is born.

Getting inspired by stones
Medusa Jewels

Medusa is a distinctive collection of handmade jewels perfect for those who love to be at the centre of attraction. A Ring and necklace in white, yellow and rose gold, with multicolour corundums and diamonds, that are transformed into a goldsmith’s work of art to wear with pride and panache.

The production of the Medusa range is inspired by a detail of the bronze statue of ‘Perseus’ which is situated in Piazza della Signoria in Florence. Closely observing the head of the Medusa, sculpted by Benvenuto Cellini, we can find the same detail in the collection of these jewels designed by Mauro Bandinelli.

The Medusa Collection has been displayed at the exhibition ‘La Stanza delle Meraviglie’, held at the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence for Florens 2010 and at the International Week during the Cultural and Enviornmental Heritage show, also in Florence.

A tradition that carries on the most ancient Renaissance techniques
Florentine Style Jewels

Jewels in the Florentine Renaissance style are crafted and customized to order. The hand tooled engraving and fretwork can be clearly seen and felt by touch. Arranged like embroidery with a lace like effect, the carving or fretwork illustrates the enormous commitment of days and weeks, to make the jewel harmonious and simply perfect down to the smallest detail.

The jewels in the Florentine style transform art into ‘ jewels of high spirit’, they describe centuries of artistic tradition handed down from the Renaissance to the present day. The decorative elements can be found in the most majestic and world famous Florentine monuments, a true source of inspiration for unique pieces.

For all life
Wedding bands

The handmade wedding bands are born to accompany those important moments in life, precious symbols by which they will always be remembered.

Rings made to measure, inspired and personalized to order they can be: floral, plaited, smooth, with diamonds, geometric, envisaged in colour and form.
They are made in platinum, white gold, rose gold or yellow gold and can be engraved with names, verses from the Psalms, phrases or small symbolic drawings and icons.

Via Giuseppe Mazzini 3/A, Strada in Chianti