It’s an old Florentine tradition for fortune and happiness to give a gold Florin with the wish ‘a florin today for a thousand florins tomorrow’


Master Goldsmith Mauro Bandinelli’s good luck Florin is handcrafted in gold, a precious talisman for graduates, weddings and special occasions.


The history of Florence and the Florin

The Florin is the gold coin which was minted in Florence in 1252 and, thanks to the bank’s growing power in the city, became the favourite trading currency throughout Europe up until the Renaissance.
It’s name comes from the lily depicted on the coin which, on one side shows the flower symbol of Florence, and on the other portrays the icon of St. John the Baptist, the patron and protector of the city. The Florin stands for the pact which the Florentines offered to the saint to keep the purity of the coin in 24 carat gold with a weight of 3.54 grams. As they said in Florence, ‘ St. John doesn’t want cheats’. There is a well known tale of the counterfeiter, Gianni Schicchi of Cavalcanti, told by Dante in the XXX canto of the Inferno; when he was exposed as a forger he was burnt to death in his castle.

“Ivi è Romena, là dov’io falsai la lega suggellata del Batista; per ch’io il corpo su arso lasciai.”

(canto XXX, Divina Commedia)

Via Giuseppe Mazzini 3/A, Strada in Chianti